820 S. Cooper Ave Memphis, TN 38104


We’re almost ready to open; by the time you see this, we may already be! At this moment all that’s stopping us from releasing a date is the need to get through those pesky but essential last inspections!


In the meantime, we wanted to give you a bit of a peek at our plans. Many have asked about Beignets… we’ll have them, but that’s a bit down the line – Phase II, if you will.


Phase I is all about getting the doors open and getting our feet wet. To start with we’ll have French desserts, house-made croissants and brioche, a rotating breakfast and lunch menu that’s hearty, simple and locally sourced, and of course – fabulous art. We’ll offer custom catering menus and pre-orders for those who’d like to take Tart about town. We’re looking at international tea farms to bring you good quality, ethically produced teas. We’re even looking at supplying you with house-made dough for when you’d like to take our luscious croissants home to bake fresh in the morning for your sweeties…


Phase II includes classes, Beignets, the Tart Cart, a downtown location and production kitchen and expanded catering. As soon as humanly possible, we’ll offer curbside service – it’ll give you the opportunity to order and pay from home or on the go, swing through and quickly pick up your coffee and treats of choice and move on through your busy day.


In short, we’re madly and excitedly preparing for you. Stay tuned for more updates, including news about our first Gallery Opening with Mark Nowell, Shea Colburn and one more artist we’re dragging into the Tart limelight.


We’ll see you SOON!!